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In a letter received by Mr. Sinnett in July 5, 1881, Master K.H. wrote:

I may answer you, what I said to G. Th. Fechner one day, when he wanted to know the Hindu view on what he had written — "You are right;... ‘every diamond, every crystal, every plant and star has its own individual soul, besides man and animal...’ and, ‘there is a hierarchy of souls from the lowest forms of matter up to the World Soul,’ but you are mistaken when adding to the above the assurance that ‘the spirits of the departed hold direct psychic communication with Souls that are still connected with a human body’ — for, they do not."
Почему Вы делаете далеко идущие (хотя и отнюдь не однозначные) выводы из этого письма, но игнорируете другое письмо того же автора, где он пишет следующее:
Сообщение от K.H.
Such an organization as mapped out by Mr. Sinnett and yourself is unthinkable among Europeans; and, it has become next to impossible even in India — unless you are prepared to climb to a height of 18,000 to 20,000 amidst the glaciers of the Himalayas. The greatest as well as most promising of such schools in Europe, the last attempt in this direction, — failed most signally some 20 years ago in London. It was the secret school for the practical teaching of magick, founded under the name of a club, by a dozen of enthusiasts under the leadership of Lord Lytton's father. He had collected together for the purpose, the most ardent and enterprising as well as some of the most advanced scholars in mesmerism and "ceremonial magick," such as Eliphas Levi, Regazzoni, and the Kopt Zergvan-Bey. And yet in the pestilent London atmosphere the "Club" came to an untimely end. I visited it about half a dozen of times, and perceived from the first that there was and could be nothing in it.
А из него следует, как я уже говорил, что Nishikanta Chattopadhyaya никак не мог быть Koot Hoomi, т.к. родился в 1852 году, т.е. на момент описываемых в письме посещений Koot Hoomi упомянутого в письме клуба Nishikanta Chattopadhyaya должно было быть менее 8 лет от роду.

Или это письмо - таки подделка? Или его автор врёт? Или Вам плевать на внутренние противоречия в собственных теориях?

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