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TG Uraeus (Gr.). In Egyptian Urhek, a serpent and a sacred symbol.

SD INDEX Uraeus (Gk) asp or snake symbol

TG Uragas (Sk.). The Nagas (serpents) dwelling in Patala, the nether
world or hell, in popular thought; the Adepts, High Priests and Initiates
of Central and South America, known to the ancient Aryans; where Arjuna wedded the daughter of the king of the Nagas -- Ulupi.

Uranos. See Ouranos ->
Ouranos, Uranos. See also Uranus (planet) ->
Varuna or II 65, 268n ->
Varuna (Skt) ocean god ->
water, Neptune or I 462 ->
Neptune (Roman god). See also Poseidon ->
dragon II 356

According to myth, Orion was the son of Poseidon the sea god
The Sumerian name for Orion was URU AN-NA, meaning light of heaven.


[[Vol. 2, Page]] 356 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.
Heaven originate with St. John, and in his Revelation? Emphatically we answer -- No. His "Dragon" is Neptune, the symbol of Atlantean magic.

To demonstrate the negation the reader is asked to examine the symbolism of the Serpent or the Dragon under its several aspects.


Every astronomer -- besides Occultists and Astrologers -- knows that, figuratively, the
astral light, the milky way, and also the path of the Sun to the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, as well as the circles of the Sidereal or Tropical year, were always called "Serpents" in the allegorical and mystic phraseology of the adepts.

This, cosmically, as well as metaphorically. Poseidon is a "Dragon": "Chozzar, called
by the profane Neptune" (Peratae Gnostics); the "Good and Perfect Serpent," the Messiah
of the Naaseni, whose symbol in Heaven is Draco.


Dobrev also had the dardic PEREN (dragon), proto-indian (?) PERAN
(large, long), the chuvash VEREM (long), the sumero-accadian UR, JURNU
(dragon), the wide spread of this and other calendar terms of the nominalia pointing to the ancient chartacter of the cyclic calendar.
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